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Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes 06/06/16

1. Roll Call: was answered at 4:00 Chairman Steven Spector and members David Melnick, Billie Smith and Karen Plunket-Muenster. Chairman Spector confirmed that a quorum had been met. Also present were Village Manager Chris Lear, architect Eric Slavin, of Wade Weissmann Architecture and Bob Paula, Baumgartner Property Manager.

2. The Agenda: The notice and agenda were approved as published and posted.

3. The appeal of Donald and Donna Baumgartner, 2280 W. Dean Road regarding the Building Inspector’s denial of a building permit application for construction of a garage because the structure would be closer than 75 feet from the side yard setback in violation of Section 7.030 of the Village of River Hills Ordinances

Eric Slavin stated the Baumgartner home is located to the extreme north and west of the lot, so that a new 1 or 1.5 story garage will be very difficult to locate 75 feet or more from the property lines. Therefore a hardship exists. This is the only place to locate the desired garage.

Melnick stated he feels this appeal meets the intent of the zoning, there are exceptional circumstances in this case due to the pre-existing location of the home on the lot, there is a hardship created here if the Baumgartners are not allowed to build the garage improvement to the rear of their house and there is an absence of detriment to the neighboring home, given the considerable distance from the lot line.

Lear stated there have been no objections from any homeowners located adjacent to the property.

Motion by Melnick/Plunkett-Muenster to approve a 20 foot set-back from the north and west property lines for the proposed garages per the submittal. Motion carried unanimously.

4. ADJOURN Motion by Melnick/Smith to adjourn the meeting at 4:32 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

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