Chapter 6 Section 11

SECTION 6.11.  APPEALS. (1) BOARD OF APPEALS.  The Village of River Hills Board of Appeals, created under the Village of River Hills Code pursuant to ss. 62.23(7)(e) Wis. Stats., shall hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is...

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Chapter 6 Section 10

SECTION 6.10.  ENFORCEMENT AND PENALTIES. (1) Any land development or redevelopment activity initiated after the effective date of this ordinance by any person, firm, association, or corporation subject to the ordinance provisions shall be deemed...

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Chapter 6 Section 9

SECTION 6.09.  MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT. (1)  MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT REQUIRED.  The Maintenance Agreement required for storm water management measures under 6.07(2) of this ordinance shall be an agreement between the Village and the permit holder. ...

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Chapter 6 Section 8

SECTION 6.08.  STORM WATER MANAGEMENT PLANS. (1)  PLAN REQUIREMENTS.  The Storm Water Management Plan required    under Section 6.07 of this ordinance shall contain any such information the Village may need to evaluate the environmental...

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Chapter 6 Section 7

SECTION 6.07.  PERMITTING REQUIREMENT & PROCEDURES AND FEES. (1) PERMIT REQUIRED.  No one may undertake a land development or redevelopment activity subject to this ordinance without receiving a permit from the Village prior to commencing the...

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