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Chapter 19 Section 1


This chapter is adopted pursuant to authority provided by the Wis. Stats. 97.41 which authorizes local health departments to become the designated agent of the State Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (“ATCP”) for the purpose of issuing permits, making investigations or inspections and enforcing the applicable state administrative codes for the operations of retail food establishments, restaurants and establishments possessing class A, class B, or class C alcohol beverage licenses (for sanitation and health purposes and not alcohol licensing purposes), and in making investigations and inspections of food vending machines, their operators, vending machine commissaries, and the national school lunch and breakfast program and establishing permit and inspection fees related to the inspections and issuance of such permits.  The local health department, acting through the environmental health consortium will be required to enter into contract with ATCP regarding the powers and duties that it will be authorized to perform under the applicable statutes, this chapter and the contract.

(Rep. & Rec. 07/19/17, Ord #529)

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