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Chapter 19 Section 10


(a)        One copy of the inspection report shall be given to the owner, operator or employee of the establishment and another copy shall remain on file at the Department.

(b)        As a condition of license renewal, all establishments licensed under this ordinance shall consent to an annual inspection and re-inspection.  License renewal may be withheld pending inspection, re-inspection and compliance with these regulations.


1.   Whenever an order or directive is issued on a health code violation, which requires a re-inspection to determine compliance, 2 re-inspections shall be made without charge and documented by the Department following the time period given in the order or directive.

2. If, upon the second re-inspection, the order or directive is found not to have been complied with and additional re-inspections are required, a fee shall be assessed to the responsible party for each additional re-inspection to compensate for the costs of such re-inspections.  Payment is due on written demand from the Department.

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