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Chapter 19 Section 12


The regulatory authority may issue a hold order according to policy to a permit holder or to a person who owns or controls the food, as specified previously in this ordinance, without prior warning, notice of a hearing, or a hearing on the hold order.

(a)  According to time limits imposed by Wisc. Stat 97.12, the regulatory authority may place a hold order on a food that:

a.  Originated from an unapproved source;

b.  May be unsafe, adulterated, or not honestly presented;

c.  Is not labeled according to law, or, if raw molluscan shellfish, is not tagged or labeled according to law; or

d.  Is otherwise not in compliance with this ordinance.

(b)  If the regulatory authority has reasonable cause to believe that the hold order will be violated, or finds that the order is violated, the regulatory authority may remove the food that is subject to the order to a place of safekeeping.

(Rep. & Rec. 07/19/17, Ord # 529)

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