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Chapter 19 Section 7


(a)       No person may operate or provide the services, food or other products that requires a license under this ordinance without first having obtained a current and valid license.

(b)        Licenses shall not be transferable from person to person or from premise to premise with the exception that a license issued under the provisions of Chapter 254 of the Wisconsin statutes may be transferred to an individual who is an immediate family member of the licensee of the establishment.  A parent, child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, or stepsibling shall be considered an immediate family member for purposes of this Ordinance.  A license issued under the provisions of Chapter 97 of the Wisconsin statutes may only be transferred to the spouse of the licensee.

(c)        No permit shall be granted to any person under this Ordinance without a pre-inspection by the Department of the premises for which the permit shall be granted.

(d)       No permit shall be issued until all application fees have been paid.

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