Take me directly to “Tyler Technologies” for assessment data, to view current property assessment data provided by the village assessor.

Take me directly to “GCS“. Use this site for Property Tax information.

Property Assessment:  here is a link to a handy guide outlining how a property is assessed and how to make an appeal.

Notice To All Tax Payers
Real Estate Taxes Are Due And Payable As Follows:
Full Payment………Due and payable on or before
January 31st

Installment Payments:

First Installment . . . . . One-half of General Tax and entire amount of all special assessments due and payable on or before JANUARY 31

Second Installment. . . . . One-quarter of the General Tax is due and payable on or before MARCH 31

Final Installment . . . . . Remaining balance is due and payable on or before MAY 31

Additional Information:

Assessor:  Marty Kuehn, ph: 800-959-6876 ext 4. email: marty.kuehn@tylertech.com

Payment By Mail . . . . . Taxes may be paid by mail. Be sure your payment is postmarked on or before the due date. The postmark governs the date of payment – not the date on your check.

Escrow Checks . . . . . If made out to the Village and taxpayer(s), taxpayer(s) must endorse check to Village. We will not endorse escrow checks back to taxpayers. If a refund is due, one will be issued within 30 days. Also, we will not accept postdated checks. All checks will be deposited within two days of receipt.

Separate Payments. . . . . If you are making other payments to the Village, such as sewer user bills, dog licenses, job orders, false alarms, etc., please issue separate checks.

Hours For Tax Collections: 9 am to 5 pm
Monday Through Friday

Office Will Be Closed:
December  26th.
January 1st.

Make Checks Payable To:
Village of River Hills
Mail To:
7650 North Pheasant Lane
River Hills, WI 53217

Note: A new drop box has been installed at the Village Hall front door.

Phone: (414) 352-8213
River Hills, WI 53217
7650 N. Pheasant Lane