Refuse and recyclables are collected Tuesdays every other week. Containers must be placed outside of your garage accessible for pick up by 7:00 am.            “click here for schedule”


Started in October of 2014, River Hills utilizes a “Single Stream” recycling system. This means: all recyclable materials are placed into the recycling container supplied to you by “John’s Disposal Services.

John’s Disposal informational brochure. click here

All beverage cans, fanned containers (pet food, pie pans, frozen dinner trays).

Cookware, furniture, storm doors or windows, etc. are not accepted. Aluminum siding, tubing and scrap are not accepted and can be taken to a local scrap dealer or discarded with household trash.

All bottles and jars. All colors (clear, green, brown, blue).

Special Instructions: Remove and discard lids. Labels need not be removed. Rinse thoroughly.

Ceramics, pottery, window or drinking glass, eye glasses, vases, mirrors, light bulbs, crystal, marbles, TV tubes and Pyrex are not accepted.

Plastic bottles coded #1 through #6 containing products for general home use (milk jugs, soda or laundry detergent bottles, etc.). All colors and sizes. Check bottom of bottle for code.

Special Instructions: Remove and discard lids. Labels need not be removed. Rinse thoroughly.

Automotive product containers (motor oil), containers from pesticides, chemicals, uncoded items, lids, combination plastic/metal cans are not accepted.

All “tin” cans, steel beverage cans, fanned containers (pie pans, cookie sheets, mixing bowls).

Special Instructions: Please rinse thoroughly. It is not necessary to flatten cans.

Aerosol or paint cans, teflon coated items, or other metal pieces, hangers, scrap wire, pots and pans, etc. are not accepted.

Lead acid auto and commercial batteries, used motor oil, anti-freeze, tires, appliances or white goods, electronics, televisions computers, printers, building materials are not included in our recycling or regular collection service.

Collection of these materials can be arranged on a special pick-up basis or you may bring the materials to the Village Hall parking lot on one of two “Clean Up” days provided by “John’s Disposal”.

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All sections of the newspaper, junk mail, household paper including office, stationery paper of any color and computer print-outs, kraft paper bags and kraft wrapping paper, and department store bags (any color).

Cardboard — all colors. Discard all packing materials. Flatten all boxes. Cut into pieces no more than 2’ x 3’ in size. Pieces must be tied with twine or bagged. Tape, staples, and labels do not need to be removed.

Chipboard — all “dry” chipboard. Chipboard means all thin-walled paper containers used for packaging. Examples are cereal, tissue, shoe, pasta, cookie and gift boxes. In general, recyclable chipboard has a brown or gray interior finish, and food usually does not come into direct contact with the box. Remove and throw away all liner bags and miscellaneous paper, residual product and flatten all boxes. Large cardboard and chipboard must be torn or cut down to pieces no larger than 2’ x 3’.
Waxed lined cardboard, “wet strength chipboard, or boxes contaminated with grease or food are not accepted. These are generally containers designed for the refrigerator or freezer with a plastic or waxy finish. Examples are: ice cream, frozen dinners, or juices, margarine and pizza boxes, 12 & 24-pack beverage boxes, beer and soda carriers, paper milk cartons and juice packs.

All sizes of glossy paper and all telephone directories.

Questions regarding disposal should be directed to:

John’s Disposal 262-473-4700 or River Hills Department of Public Works at 352-0080

John’s Disposal, is the River Hills Rubbish and Recycling contractor.

Call 1-262-473-4700 if you desire optional services available for a fee. example: “Every week”, or “In garage” services.

John’s delivers a recycling container to all residents which is used for ALL recyclables. (Paper, cans, glass, etc…).

Special pick ups, still available:
Contact John’s Disposal for arrangements regarding the disposal of items too large for regular household rubbish pick up.(appliances, furniture, building materials, etc…)

Every spring and fall there will be a clean up day for residents to bring large items, electronics, batteries, light bulbs, etc.
Please click here for schedule.
Rubbish Pick Up Calendar with Street Map

Household Hazardous Waste
Paints, chemicals, cleaners, pesticides, petroleum products and other materials not permitted to be placed for pick up along with other regular household rubbish can be taken to the Milwaukee County Hazardous Waste facility. “MMSD” (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District) operates the facility. It is available to Milwaukee County residents only. Please click on the link below to access the web site for a complete description of this service.
…………MMSD – Household Hazardous Waste Site………..

Phone: (414) 352-8213
River Hills, WI 53217
7650 N. Pheasant Lane