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Committee on the Environment Meeting Minutes 07/19/2016

ROLL CALL: Larry, Andy, Chris, Anne, Kathy, Peggy, Peter (at finish)
• Environmental Protocol Mailings:
* **No calls?
• Wright Property River Bank Restoration
o A New contractor is now working on Wright property restoration. Developing a new plan.
o The Village has not issued any citations at this point.
o Questions from Anne: What if no action takes place during this growing season?
o When was the Village’s last contact with the parties involved? Chris replied that the last contact was in mid-April.
o Anne suggested initiating contact again. Chris replied that he and Mustafa are content to work in parallel with the DNR at this stage.
o ***Depending on how it progresses, Anne suggested perhaps the Wright project could be used as an example of “proper” shoreline restoration.
• 2016 Arbor Day and IMBD Day Planning Status –
o Boyer = logistics and organization overall -Check
o Linda and Kathy = refreshments – Check
o Kathy = Banner upgrades – in Progress
o Chris = the Police presence, and getting the Northshore fire Dept. to show up – Check
o Chris also will work on contact to local Gov types…Alberta told me she’d be delighted to speak if her schedule allows – Check
o Linda and Anne = work on updating/upgrading the flyer ***need high res images
o Andy = to coordinate with Polly – I’d like to have Polly and Andy both speak briefly – Check
o Chris & Peggy can check to make sure we can get the Trustees to attend if possible *** Do we need to give them an incentive? 😉
o We all need to work on marketing, etc…
o Marty and Pam hopefully can be there to support us with chickens and farm presence
o Bob Boucher – – hopefully can give us some insights and perhaps revisit his bird houses – if
o Mary ? Washburn ?? Bees ?? BOB!
o Peter – we had thought about note cards…can you get together with Linda and Anne and see what the possibility would be to have some of your choice photos available to residents in that kind of format??
o Peggy suggested there may be a potential fundraising opportunity at the celebration by selling cards with nature photos. Peggy is willing to work with Peter and Andy assembling this project.
o Suggestion: Could the Foundation have a table at the event? All seemed to think this was a good idea and possible.
o Linda and Larry = two Liz’s are invited right away and have the correct time Check
• Darlene would like us to make sure we invite one of the Arborists to the event – -perhaps we can contact Hoppe Tree Service again? Chris will initiate.
• River Hills Review Update and Future scheduling
o Linda said that articles are always welcomed and needed. The schedules looks like this:
 August issue – Chris Lear summarizes our IMBD and Arbor Day Celebrations check!
 September issue?
 October issue?
 November issue?
 December issue = Larry Boyer = COE year in review
 January Issue?
 February Issue = Emerald Ash Borer Update = Andy

• Additional Challenges and Issues for 2016
o Anne to spearhead Membership and Attendance sub committee
• Next meeting scheduled for 3rd Tuesday in August which is August 23.
• New meeting start time: 4:30pm.