Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 09/19/2016

Members present: Steve Simon (Chairman), Susan Muggli, Harvey Meisel, Walt Nielsen, Chris Meisel, Ray Juehring

1. Approval of minutes from the August 15, 2016 meeting: motion by C. Meisel/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Discussion/action on the construction of the Upper School Addition at University School of Milwaukee, 2100 W Fairy Chasm Rd:

a. 17,195 sq ft addition
b. Brick veneer, aluminum trim (Ivory), shingles (charcoal) to match existing materials
c. Aluminum doors and windows (dark bronze)

Motion by C. Meisel/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Discussion/action of a Swim Spa at the Mortada/Roumani residence, 9090 N Range Line Rd:

a. Homeowner Manal Roumani present
b. 231” x 94” swim spa located on the Northeast side of the detached garage

Motion by C.Meisel/Juehring to approve contingent on verification that setback requirements have been met on the existing garage. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Discussion/action on installation of lighting fixtures on the shed at the Daugherty residence, 851 W Heather Ln:

a. Landscape Contractor Present
b. Light fixture permit has already been paid for via the initial electrical permit for the project.

Motion by C. Meisel/Nielsen to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action of installation of windows and new front entry at the Lueders Landscape and Supplies Property, 1040 W Green Tree Rd:

a. Property owners present
b. Garage door, railing, landscape plan, lighting fixture information not presented

Motion by C. Meisel/H. Meisel to postpone to the October meeting due to additional information needed on additional projects that were presented. 5 votes aye, 1 vote nay.

6. Discussion/action on the reconstruction on the porch at the Schulman residence, 765 W Heather Ln:

a. No representative in attendance to present the project.

7. Discussion/action on the construction of a kitchen addition at the Abele residence, 1900 W Dean Rd:

a. Builder present
b. 783 sq ft addition
c. White stucco and black slate roofing to match existing home
d. Marvin double hung windows (cedar arbor)
e. Additional projects
i. Conversion of four 8’ garage doors to three 9’ garage doors
ii. Same style doors to be used

Motion by Juehring/C. Meisel to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Discussion/action on construction of new garage at the Baumgartner residence, 2280 W Dean Rd.

a. Homeowners and Architects present
b. 6,409 sq ft service facility
c. DaVinci synthetic slate roofing (castle gray)
d. Copper gutters and roofing
e. Stone to match existing home
f. Copper weathervane – rooster
g. Boral Truexterior siding (cashmere)
h. Marvin metal clad windows and doors
i. Custom copper light fixtures

Motion by C. Meisel/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

9. Discussion/action on the construction of a new home at the Kambouris residence, 8901 N Spruce Rd.

a. Homeowner, builder, and Architect present
b. 3,894 sq ft two story home
c. Brick exterior (Fort Miami)
d. Dimensional Timberline asphalt shingles (pure gray)
e. Sierra Pacific windows, gutters, & facia (burnt sun)
f. Overhead Door garage doors with glass (dessert tan)
g. Westport Collection exterior lighting (bronze)

Motion by C. Meisel/ Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

10. Discussion/action on reroofing the Davidson home at 7955 N Pheasant Ln.

a. Resident informaed Village Manager that they wish to push off project until the October Board meeting.

11. Additional comments from the public: none

12. Adjourn

a. Motion by Muggli/C. Meisel. Motion carried unanimously.