Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Agenda 10/17/2016

1. Approval of minutes from the September 19, 2016 meeting.

2. Discussion/action of replacement of the roof at the Davidson residence, 7955 N
Pheasant Ln.

3. Discussion/action on installation of fence at the Alevizos residence, 1220 W River

4. Discussion/action on construction of tool shed at the Forrer residence, 9190 N
Upper River Rd.

5. Discussion/action on the exterior renovations at the Lueders Landscape and
Supplies Property, 1040 W Green Tree Rd. This is a return from September where
homeowners were to bring additional information pertaining to projects not noted in
initial application.

6. Discussion/action on the installation of a balcony at the Martinez residence, 9441
N Pheasant Ln. This is a return from March where the homeowner was to return
with information about the light fixture and elevation drawings.

7. Additional Comments from the public

8. Adjourn