Village of River Hills
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Committee on the Environment Meeting Minutes 10/18/2016

ROLL CALL: Anne, Andy, Chris, Larry, Kathy w/ Fred Vogel as guest
• Wright Property River Bank Restoration
o Chris – updates and interactions with DNR, BOT, and the Wright’s Lawyers
 Currently, the BOT is not planning on issuing a citation – waiting for the WDNR to do so
 Chris has been in contact w/ Kathy Kramitz in the Plymouth office
 Most recent WDNR communication to the Wrights was “doing nothing is not acceptable”
 Chris’ (RH) last date of interaction was July/august
 No Timetable of response is available….
 Much discussion followed
 Key steps =
• Request copy of WDNR report & NOV Letter (Chris)
• Anne to call Peggy (not at meeting to discuss point of view of BOT) Larry to call David Fritz
• Reports? = AES proposal available? WDNR Warden site inspection report? Time Frame for Action by WDNR??
o Committee Actions =
 Draft Advisory Letter/Note to the BOT on the Issues
 Attend the November 16th BOT meeting and comment in the “Other matters not on the Agenda” section
• 2016 Arbor Day and IMBD Day Planning Status
o Discussion and review of the IMBD and Arbor Day event
 Weather not the best….possibility of pop up tents or better cover for our “vendor” participants
 Additional ideas
• Contest w/ drawings, notecards, continue to invite the NS library, Books on RH for sale, RH Book as a gift for best Environmental Stewardship example…
o Who has pictures!
• River Hills Review Update and Future scheduling
o Linda – can you get us up to date, and what is your status with the RH Review?
 Linda not in attendance, stepping down as River Hills Review Content person, no updates
• I suggest a planning meeting in November, and that we take December off!!
o Meeting November 15th at 4:00 PM
ADJOURN: ~ 5:45