Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 1 Section 2


(1)        The following By-Laws shall govern the proceedings of the Village Board of Trustees, also known as the “Village Board”, to-wit:

[a]        Roll call.

[b]        Reading of minutes of previous meetings; approval of same.

[c]        Presentation of accounts and vouchers; allowance or disallowance of same.

[d]       Presentation of petitions and communications.

[e]        Reports of standing committees.

[f]        Reports of special or select committees.

[g]        Reports of Village Officers.

[h]        New business.

[i]         Unfinished and miscellaneous business.

[j]         Adjournment.

(2)        Absence of President.  If the Village President is absent for any reason whatsoever at the designated time for any meeting, the senior trustee present (based upon the date of his original election or appointment as such trustee) shall call the meeting to order and shall preside as Acting President for the meeting.

(3)        Calling Adjourned Meetings.  The President, or President Pro Tem as above specified, shall call the Board to order at the hour to which the Board stands adjourned.

(4)        Appointment of Committees.  The President shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Village Board, appoint all committees.

(5)        Quorum.  At any and all meetings of the Board of Trustees, four members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(6)        Precedence of Motions.  At the time a question is in debate, no action shall be in order except the following:

[a]        To adjourn.

[b]        To lay on the table.

[c]        To call the previous question.

[d]       To postpone to a certain date.

[e]        To refer to a standing, select or special committee.

[f]        To amend.

[g]        To postpone indefinitely.

(7)        Debating; Voting on Questions, or Motions.

[a] Every Trustee present shall vote when a question is put, unless the other Trustees present shall excuse him.  The President shall not be required to vote unless in case of a tie vote.

[b]        If made previously to the decision of the President on the particular question before the Board, it shall be in order to call for a decision or for the ayes and noes on all questions before the Board.

[c]        It shall be in order for any member who has voted with the majority to move for a reconsideration of any vote in question at the same meeting, or at the next succeeding regular or adjourned meeting.  A motion to reconsider, after being put and lost, shall not be renewed.

[d]       No Trustee shall speak more than twice on the same question, if objection thereto is raised, except upon leave therefor granted by a majority of the Board members presents.

[e]        Any member desirous of terminating the debate, may call the previous question when the question announced by the President shall be “Shall the main question be put?”.  If a majority of the members present vote in the affirmative, the main question shall be put to a vote without further debate, thereby ending all debate and bringing the Board to a direct vote, first upon the pending amendment and then upon the main question.

(8)        Suspension of Rules.  Any of the provisions of this section may be suspended temporarily by a vote of a majority of the Trustees present at any meeting.

(9)        General Rules of Order.  The deliberations of the Village Board, while in session, shall be governed by the manual of parliamentary practice commonly known as the “Robert’s Rules of Order”, except when otherwise limited or modified by this Chapter.

(10)      Amendment to By-Laws.  The By-Laws set forth in this section, may be amended, altered or repealed in whole or in part at any regular meeting, or at any special meeting called for that purpose, by a three-fourths vote of the entire Board of Trustees.