Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 1 Section 3

Section 1.03.  FINANCIAL PROCEDURE.  Pursuant to the provisions of Section 66.044, Wisconsin Statutes of 1983, an alternative system for the approval of financial claims against the Village of River Hills Treasury is hereby provided, to-wit:

(1)        Auditing and Approving Claim.  Payment of a claim other than claims subject to Section 893.80 Stats., may be made from the Village Treasury provided that the Village Clerk shall have audited and approved each claim and he or she and the Village Manager shall have each endorsed their approval thereon, after determining that there has been a compliance with the following conditions, to-wit:

[a]        That the funds are available therefor, pursuant to the budget approved by the Village Board.

[b]        That the item or service covered by such claim has been duly authorized by the proper official, department head, board or committee.

[c]        That the item or service has been actually supplied or rendered in conformity with such authorization.

[d]       That the claim is just and valid, pursuant to law.

The Clerk may require the submission of such proof and evidence to support the foregoing as he or she may deem necessary in his or her discretion.

(2)        List of Claims Filed Monthly.  The Village Clerk shall file with the Village Board, at each monthly meeting of the Board, a list of the claims approved, showing the date paid, the name of the claimant and the purpose and amount thereof.  The Village Board shall thereupon, by motion, approve or disapprove the said list of claims.

(3)        Detailed Annual Audit.  There shall be an annual detailed audit of the financial transactions and accounts of the Village of River Hills by a public accountant licensed under the provisions of Chapter 442, Stats., the designation to be made by the Village Board.

(4)        Clerk’s Fidelity Bond.  In order that the procedure outlined in this section may be applicable, the Village Clerk is hereby required to furnish to the Village a fidelity bond of not less than Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars.

(5)        Claim Procedure Inapplicable.  The claim procedure required by Sections 62.25(1) and 61.51, Stats., and other relevant provisions, except Section 893.80, Stats., shall not be applicable to the Village of River Hills.

(6)        Village Treasury Disbursements.  Pursuant to the provisions of Section 66.0607(3) of Wisconsin Stats., all disbursements from the Village Treasury shall be by order check signed by the Village Clerk and Village Treasurer, or their duly authorized deputies.  All checks in excess of Twenty-Five Thousand ($25,000.00) Dollars shall be countersigned by the Village President.  (Rep & Rec Ord #537, 10/16/19)