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Chapter 2 Section 095


(1)    Other than as authorized by section 2.09 of this Chapter, no person shall cause or permit the burning of any substance or material outdoors, within the Village of River Hills, with the following exceptions:

[a]  Fires used for cooking on grills, fireplaces, or otherwise contained and controlled for cooking purposes.

[b]  Fires set for practice and instruction of firemen or testing of fire fighting equipment.

[c]  Small open flames or fires for welding, acetylene torches, safety flares, heating tar, or similar applications.

[d]  Small open flames or fires used in making street repairs, installation or repair of sewers, water, electric, telephone mains and services, and similar activities.

(2)  All open burning shall be conducted in a safe, pollution free manner and in conformance with the general regulations of the River Hills Fire Department.

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