Village of River Hills
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Chapter 2 Section 18


(A)  STATE STATUTES ADOPTED.  Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, the statutory provisions of Chapter 161, 941 to 948 inclusive and Chapter 961, and sections 252.25, 323.28, 939.32 and 940.19(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes, all exclusive of any provisions therein relating to penalties to be imposed, are hereby adopted and be reference made a part of this ordinance as if fully set forth herein.  Any act required to be performed or any act prohibited by any statute incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this ordinance.  Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the statutes incorporated herein are intended to be a part of this ordinance.  Any person found guilty of a violation of any of the provisions of this subsection shall be subject to the penalty provisions of Section 2.15 of this Chapter, except for violations of subsection (B) for which a specific penalty is provided.

(B)  PUBLIC HEALTH and EMERGENCY ORDERS.  any act required to be performed or any act prohibited by any State Statute, Administrative Rule, Emergency Declaration by the Village Board or orders of the North Shore Health Department and relating to the Public Health Emergency, are adopted and made enforceable by this ordinance.  Any person that violates the terms of this section by refusing or failing to comply with the requirements as set forth herein or fails or refuses to comply with the orders of duly authorized law enforcement officers charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of the law or the order related to the Public Health Emergency shall be in violation of the Village ordinance against Disorderly Conduct, Section 2.01 and subject to the penalties provided therein.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord 542, 05/20/2020)