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Chapter 2 Section 30


(1)       State Snowmobile Laws Adopted.  Except as otherwise specifically provided, the statutory provisions describing and defining regulations with respect to snowmobiles in the following enumerated sections of the Wisconsin Statutes of 1984, exclusive of any provisions therein relating to penalties to be imposed and exclusive of any regulations for which the statutory penalty is a fine or a term of imprisonment, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this ordinance as if fully set forth herein.  Any act required to be performed or any act prohibited by any statute incorporated herein by reference, is required or prohibited by this ordinance.  Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the Statutes incorporated herein are intended to be made a part of this ordinance in order to secure uniform statewide regulations of the use and operation of snowmobiles.

350.01 (Definitions)

350.02 (Operation of Snowmobiles on or in the vicinity of highways)

350.03 (Right-of-Way)

350.05 (Snowmobile races, derbies and routes)

350.06 (Firearms and bows)

350.07 (Driving animals)

350.08 (Owner permitting operation)

350.09 (Headlamps, tail lamps, and brakes)

350.10 (Miscellaneous provisions for snowmobile operations)

350.12 (Registration of Snowmobiles)

350.15 (Accidents and accident reports)

350.17 (Enforcement)

350.99 (Parties to a violation)

(2)        Forfeiture Penalty.

[a]        The penalty for violation of any provision of this ordinance shall be a forfeiture as hereinafter provided together with the costs of prosecution and the penalty assessment imposed by Sec. 165.87 Wis. Stats., where applicable.  Any person who shall fail to pay the amount of the forfeiture, costs of prosecution, and penalty assessment imposed for violation of any provision of this ordinance may, upon order of the Court entering judgment therefor and having jurisdiction, be imprisoned until such forfeiture, costs, and penalty assessment are paid, but not exceeding thirty (30) days.

[b]        Forfeitures for violations of any snowmobile regulations set forth in the Wisconsin Statutes which are herewith adopted by reference shall conform to the forfeiture penalty permitted to be imposed for violation of the comparable state statute, including any variations or increases for subsequent offenses; provided however, that this subsection shall not permit prosecution under this ordinance of any offense for which an imprisonment penalty or fine may be imposed.