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Chapter 2 Section 35


(1)       Definitions.

[a]        Alarm System shall mean any device designed for the detection of an unauthorized entry on premises or for alerting others of the commission of an unlawful act or both, or for the detection of a fire, and when actuated, emits a sound or transmits a signal or message or both.

[b]        False Alarm shall mean an alarm signal necessitating response by the River Hills Police Department or any Fire Department (including the North Shore Fire Department) when an actual emergency situation does not exist.

[c]        Excessive false alarms shall mean all false alarms received from the same alarm system at any time after an alarm system has been installed and in operation for a period of two (2) months.

(2)        Permits.

[a]         Permit Required.  A permit shall be required for each type of alarm system now installed on premises within the Village, or installed after the effective date of this Ordinance.

[b]        Permit Fee.  A Fifty ($50.00) Dollar permit fee for each type of alarm system shall be paid at the time of filing an appropriate application for a permit.

(3)        Prohibitions.

[a]        Alarm System Permits.  No person shall install an alarm system or use or possess an operative alarm system without having a permit in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

[b]        No person owning, using or possessing an alarm system shall cause or permit the giving of a false alarm, whether intentional, accidental or otherwise.

[c]        All persons installing fire alarm systems shall, at the time of applying for a permit, advise the Fire Department, in writing, whether the permittee desires an immediate dispatch of fire personnel upon activation of the fire alarm system or whether the Fire Department shall obtain verification that an actual fire exists prior to dispatching of fire personnel.

(4)        Permit Application.

[a]        Application Form.  Applications for all permits required by this ordinance shall be filed with the Chief of Police and Fire Departments upon forms requesting such information as is necessary to evaluate and act upon the application; the application form shall be signed by the proposed permittee and in doing so the proposed permittee shall agree to pay any and all forfeitures in excess of the forfeiture deposit which may be due to the Village for false alarms in the amounts set forth in Subsections (5)[a] and [b] of this Ordinance, and upon the failure of the permittee to pay such excess forfeitures by December 1 of the year in which incurred, to authorize the Village Clerk to place the amounts then due and owing to the Village upon the Village Tax Roll; all proceedings in relation to the collection of general property taxes and to the return and sale of property for delinquent taxes shall apply to said forfeitures if they are not paid within the time required for the payment of taxes upon real estate.

[b]        Deposit Required.  In addition to the permit fee required by this ordinance, all permit holders shall maintain on deposit with the Village the sum of fifty ($50.00) Dollars for each permit issued, as security for the payment of forfeitures in the event of a false alarm.  All permit holders shall redeposit such sum of money as has been forfeited within ten (10) days after receipt of notice to do so.  Failure to maintain the fifty ($50.00) Dollars deposit shall be cause for cancellation of the permit.

(5)        Forfeitures.

[a]        For each false alarm, resulting in the dispatching of police personnel, the permittee shall be subject to a forfeiture of Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars for each such false alarm to be deducted from the deposit of the permittee.

[b]        For each alarm resulting in the dispatch of fire personnel and equipment where there is no fire or risk of fire, the permittee shall be subject to a forfeiture of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for the first violation within a one year period of time and a forfeiture of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) for any subsequent violation within the one year period of time for such false alarm.

(6)        Appeal.  Any person who has been denied an alarm system permit by the Chief of Police shall have a right to appeal that decision to the Village Board and the Village Board may affirm, amend, or reverse the decision of the Chief or take other action deemed appropriate.

(7)        Suspension and Revocation of Permits.

[a]        Grounds for Suspension.  The Chief of the Police may suspend or revoke a permit where the permittee has continuously failed to comply with the provisions of this Ordinance or whenever an alarm system actuates excessive false alarms and thereby constitutes a public nuisance, or whenever the permittee fails to maintain the required security deposit for each permit issued.

[b]        Hearing.  Before a permit issued pursuant to this Ordinance may be suspended or revoked, a hearing must be held before the Chief of the Police.  Any permittee may appeal the decision of the Chief to the Village Board within five (5) days after his decision.  The Village Board may affirm, amend, or reverse the decision or take such other action as is deemed appropriate.

(8)        Penalty.  Any person who shall violate any of the terms or provisions of this Ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit not less than Twenty-Five ($25.00) Dollars nor more than Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars, together with the costs of the action.  Each day’s continuance of such violation shall be construed to be a separate offense.

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