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Chapter 5 Section 3


[a]       Separation of Recyclable Materials.  Occupants of residences, and non-residential facilities and properties shall separate the following materials from postconsumer waste:

(1)        Lead acid batteries

(2)        Major appliances

(3)        Waste oil

(4)        Yard refuse

(5)        Aluminum containers

(6)        Bi-metal containers

(7)        Corrugated paper or other container board

(8)        Foam polystyrene packaging

(9)        Glass containers

(10)      Magazines

(11)      Newspaper

(12)      Office paper

(13)      Rigid plastic containers made of PETE, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, and other resins or multiple resins

(14)      Steel containers

(15)      Waste tires

[b]        Care of Separated Recyclable Materials.  To the greatest extent practicable, the recyclable materials separated in accordance with Paragraph [a] above shall be clean and kept free of contaminants such as food or product residue, oil or grease, or other non-recyclable materials including but not limited to household hazardous waste, medical waste, and agricultural chemical containers.

[c]        Separation Requirements Exempted.  The separation requirements of Paragraph [a] above do not apply to the following:

(1)        Occupants of single-family residences, and nonresidential facilities and properties that send their postconsumer waste to a processing facility licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that recovers the materials specified in Paragraph [a] above from solid waste in as pure a form as is technically feasible.

(2)        Solid waste which is burned as a supplemental fuel at a facility if less than 30% of the heat input to the facility is derived from the solid waste burned as supplemental fuel.

(3)        A recyclable material specified in Paragraph [a] (5) through (15) above for which a variance has been granted by the Department of Natural Resources under Sec. 159.11(2m), Wis.  Stats., or Sec. NR544.14, Wis. Administrative Code.