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Chapter 6 Section 10


(1) Any land development or redevelopment activity initiated after the effective date of this ordinance by any person, firm, association, or corporation subject to the ordinance provisions shall be deemed a violation unless conducted in accordance with said provisions.

(2)        The Village shall notify the responsible owner or operator in writing of any non-complying land development or redevelopment activity.  The notice shall describe the nature of the violation, remedial actions needed, a schedule for remedial action, and additional enforcement action which may be taken.

(3)        Upon receipt of written notification from the Village, the permit holder shall correct work, which does not comply with the Storm Water Management Plan or other provisions of this permit within 30 days.  The permit holder shall make corrections as necessary to meet the specifications and schedule set forth by the Village in the notice.

(4)        The Village shall post a stop work order on all land development activity in violation of this ordinance, or shall request the Village of River Hills=s attorney to obtain a cease and desist order.

(5)        The Village may revoke a permit issued under this ordinance for noncompliance with ordinance provisions without further notice or hearing.

(6)        Any permit revocation, stop work order, or cease and desist order shall remain in effect unless repealed by the Village or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(7)        Any person, firm, association, or corporation who does not comply with the provisions of this ordinance shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than 50 dollars nor more than 5,000 dollars per offense, together with the costs of prosecution.  Each day that the violation exists shall constitute a separate offense.

(8)  Every violation of this ordinance is a public nuisance.  Compliance with this ordinance may be enforced by injunctional order at the suit of the Village of River Hills pursuant to Chapter 62.23(8) Wis. Stats.  It shall not be necessary to prosecute for forfeiture before resorting to injunctional proceedings.

(9)        When the Village determines that the permit holder has failed to follow measures set forth in the Storm Water Management Plan submitted and approved pursuant to Section 6.07 of this ordinance, or has failed to comply with schedules set forth in said Storm Water Management Plan, the Village may enter upon the land and perform the work or other operations necessary to bring the condition of said lands into conformance with requirements of the approved plan. The Village shall keep a detailed accounting of the costs and expenses of performing this work.  These costs and expenses shall be deducted from any performance or maintenance bond posted pursuant to Section 6.09 of this ordinance.  Where such a bond has not been established, or where such a bond is insufficient to cover these costs, the costs and expenses shall be entered on the tax roll as a special charge against the property and collected with any other taxes levied thereon for the year in which the work is completed.

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