Village of River Hills
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Chapter 6 Section 10


(1)       MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT REQUIRED.  The Maintenance Agreement required under Section 6.08(2) for storm water management practices measures shall be an agreement between the Village and the responsible party to provide for maintenance of storm water practices beyond the duration period of this permit.  The Maintenance agreement shall be filed with the County Register of Deeds as a property deed restriction, so that it is binding upon all subsequent owners of the land served by the storm water management measures.

(2)        AGREEMENT PROVISIONS.  The Maintenance Agreement shall contain the following information and provisions and be consistent with the maintenance plan required by Section 6.09(1)([f].

[a]        Identification of the storm water facilities and designation of the drainage area served by the facilities.

[b]        A schedule for regular maintenance of each aspect of the storm water management system consistent with the storm water management plan required under Section 6.08(2).

[c]        Identification of the responsible party(s), organization responsible for long term maintenance of the storm water management practices identified in the storm water management plan required under Section 6.08(2).

[d]       Requirement that the responsible party(s), organization, or Village shall maintain storm water management practices in accordance with the schedule included in par. (b).

[e]        Authorization for the Village to access the property to conduct inspections of storm water management practices as necessary to ascertain that the practices are being maintained and operated in accordance with the agreement.

[f]        A requirement of the Village to maintain public records of the results of the site inspections, to inform the responsible party responsible for maintenance of the inspection results, and to specifically indicate any corrective actions required to bring the storm water management practice into proper working condition.

[g]        Agreement that the party designated under par. (c), as responsible for long term maintenance of the storm water management practices, shall be notified by the Village of maintenance problems which require correction. The specified corrective actions shall be undertaken within a reasonable time frame as set by the Village.

[h]        Authorization of the Village to perform the corrected actions identified in the inspection report if the responsible party designated under par. (c) does not make the  required corrections in the specified time period. The Village shall enter the amount due on the tax rolls and collect the money as a special charge against the property pursuant to subch. VII of ch. 66, Wis. Stats.