Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 12 Section 2


(1)        Application for Permit.  An application for a permit for the work contemplated above, shall be filed with the Village Clerk, and shall specify the following:

[a]        The name and address of the person, firm or corporation making such application.  If it be a partnership, the names of the several members of said partnership; if it be a corporation, the names of the President and Secretary thereof.  The application shall be signed by the proper officers thereof, or by some person authorized by them to act in their behalf with respect thereto.

[b]        The exact location of the proposed work, including a map showing said location.

[c]        The nature of said work, whether underground or above ground.  If said work is to be underground, the said map shall show the exact location with reference to the center of the highway, and the depth and width of the trench.  If said work is to be above ground, using poles and wires, said map shall indicate the location of each pole, anchor, anchor post, and brace.

[d]       The materials to be used.

[e]        If any portion of the public highway or street is to be disturbed or obstructed during the course of said work the location of such disturbance or obstruction, the nature thereof, and the period of time during which there may be an interference with travel over or across such highway or street, shall be designated.

[f]        The time within which such work is to start and to be completed.

(2)        Further Provisions In Application.  The application shall also include therein the following provisions:

[a]        That the applicant is bound to and agrees to comply with all the rules, regulations and ordinances of the Village.

[b]        That applicant agrees to abide by all reasonable orders of Village officers supervising the said work.

[c]        That applicant agrees to replace in the original condition at the time of the commencement of said work, any portion of the public street or highway which is disturbed by excavation or otherwise.

[d]       That applicant will not disturb any trees, shrubs or other growth on said streets or highways, without first obtaining special written permission therefor from the proper Village official designated therefor.

[e]        That the applicant shall agree to furnish a bond or cash deposit in such amount as may be determined by the Village Manager, conditioned upon the reimbursement to the Village of any loss or damage sustained by reason of the applicant’s failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, as specified in said application.

(3)        Processing of Application.  Upon said application being filed with the Village Clerk, she shall present it to the Village Manager for approval and determination as to the nature and amount of the bond or cash deposit required.  When such application is properly approved and said bond or cash deposit is filed, the Village Clerk shall issue the permit for the work contemplated to the said applicant.

(4)        Permit Provisions; Vacation.  The said permit shall specify therein that the permittee shall comply with all the requirements and agreements in said application, and, further, that upon the permittee’s failure so to do, the Village shall be authorized to vacate said permit, stop the work thereunder, and to retain a sufficient fund out of said bond or cash deposit to reimburse the Village for any loss or damage sustained by it by reason of said permittee’s failure to comply with the terms of agreement with respect to the issuance of said permit.