Village of River Hills
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Chapter 8 Section 7

Section 8.07. FINAL PLAT.

(1)       Requirements.

[a]        A final plat of subdivided land shall comply with the requirements of Section 236.20 of Wisconsin Statutes, which section is hereby adopted by reference.

[b]        The affidavits and certificates required by Chapter 236, Wis. Stats. shall be lettered or printed legibly with black durable ink, or typed legibly with black ribbons on the final plat.

[c]        In the event that the street, block or other design features of the Official Map of the Village are at variance with the written requirements of this Chapter, the Official Map shall govern.


1.  The Village Engineer shall examine all final plats for the accuracy and closure of survey, proper kind and location of monuments, and legibility and completeness of the drawing.

2.  Maximum error of closure before adjustment of the survey of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision shall not exceed, in horizontal distance or position, the ratio of one part in ten thousand (1:10,000), nor in azimuth, four seconds of arc per interior angle.  If field measurements exceed this maximum, new field measurements shall be made until a satisfactory closure is obtained.  When a satisfactory closure of the field measurements has been obtained, the survey of the exterior boundary shall be adjusted to form a closed geometric figure.

3.  All street block and lot dimensions shall be computed as closed geometric figures based upon the control provided by the closed exterior boundary survey. If an error for an interior line of the plat greater than the ratio of one part in five thousand (1:5,000), or an error in measured angle greater than one minute of arc for an angle where the shorter side forming the angle is three hundred (300) feet or longer, necessary corrections shall be made.  Where the shorter side of a measured angle is less than three hundred (300) feet in length, the error shall not exceed the value of one minute multiplied by the quotient of three hundred (300) divided by the length of the shorter side; however, such error shall not in any case exceed five (5) minutes of arc.

4.  The Village Board shall receive the results of the Village Engineer’s examination prior to approving the final plat.

[e]        In the event that a plat is located within a quarter section, the corners of which have been relocated, monumented, and coordinated by the Village, the plat shall be tied directly to one of the section or quarter corners so relocated, monumented, and coordinated.  The exact grid bearing and distance of such tie shall be determined by field measurements, and the material and Wisconsin state plane coordinates of the monument marking the relocated section or quarter corner to which the plat is tied shall be indicated on the plat.  All distances and bearings shall be referenced to the Wisconsin Coordinate System, South Zone, and adjusted to the Village’s control survey.  The grid bearing and distance of the tie shall be determined by a closed survey meeting the error of closure herein specified for the survey of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision.

(2)       Assessor’s Plat In Lieu Of Final Plat.  Where it is not practicable to require that a final plat of a subdivision created by successive divisions be filed in accordance with this Chapter, the Village Board may, in lieu thereof, order an assessors plat to be made under Section 70.27, Wisconsin Statutes, and may assess the cost thereof as provided in such section or to the subdivider.

(3)        Application Of Provisions.

[a]        Regardless of the type of plat filed, any such subdivision shall comply with all provisions of this Chapter to the extent that they may reasonably be applied.

[b]        When, in the judgment of the Village Board, it would be inappropriate to apply literally a provision of this Chapter for the reason that extraordinary hardship would result, said Board may waive or vary such provision so that substantial justice may be effected and the public interest secured, provided that in no event shall the requirements of filing and recording the plat be waived.