Village of River Hills
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Chapter 13 Section 5


(1)       Notification.  Whenever any work is ready for inspection, the plumber doing the work or permittee shall notify the Plumbing Inspector specifying the plan or permit number of the said work; and the Plumbing Inspector shall then advise the said plumber or permittee as to the time for inspection, at which time he shall proceed to make the said inspection.

(2)        Access to Work.  The said plumber or permittee shall make such arrangements as will enable the Plumbing Inspector to reach all parts of the building readily.  Unless otherwise specially permitted by the Plumbing Inspector, all plumbing or plumbing connection work shall be left uncovered for said inspection until examined and approved by the said Inspector.

(3)        Help With Tests.  The said plumber or permittee shall furnish the proper apparatus, appliances and materials for making the test and shall perform all labor therefor, as required by the Plumbing Inspector.