Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 13 Section11


(1)       Connection Required.  When so ordered by the Village Board of Health, the owner of any building used for human habitation or equipped with sanitary facilities shall connect all sanitary facilities in such building to adjacent public sanitary sewer facilities which have been made available by the Village, within sixty (60) days after receipt of notice so to do.  Such notice may be served as a summons in Circuit Court, or by Certified mail addressed to the said owner at the address to which the last real estate tax bill was sent by the Village officials.

(2)        Special Assessment.  In the event the owner shall fail to comply with the Order of the Board of Health within the time hereinabove provided, the Village hereinabove provided, the Village Board may cause such sanitary sewer connection to be made and charge the expense thereof as a special assessment against the premises to which such connection was made, including the said special assessment upon the tax roll of the Village for the year in which such connection was made, to be collected as are all other special assessments of the Village.

(3)        Installment Payment.

[a]        Within thirty (30) days after the completion of the work, the owner may exercise the option to file a written statement with the Village Clerk that he is financially unable to pay such special tax in one sum and requesting that said special tax be collected in equal annual installments not to exceed five in all, together with interest thereon at a rate of interest set by the Village Board, from the date certified by the Village Manager as the completion of the work.  The Village Board shall then make a determination to grant or deny said request for the payment of said special assessment in installments.

[b]        Should said request be granted, there shall be spread upon the tax roll for the year in which the work was done, the first installment consisting of one part for each of the years over which the installments are spread, together with interest upon the unpaid amount of said special tax at the rate of interest set by the Village Board.  The amount or percentage of the total to be placed on the tax roll in each year shall be dependent upon the period of time over which the total payment is spread or extended.  In each of the subsequent years following the first, an amount sufficient to pay a proportionate share due on principal and interest, as aforesaid, shall be placed on the tax roll of the Village.