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Chapter 15 Section 3

Section 15.03.  REGULATIONS.

(1)       Every person engaging in any activity subject to this ordinance shall do so to the grade to be approved by the Village Engineer, and at the end of such operations shall provide that the top sixteen (16) inches thereof shall be of soil, free from broken concrete and relatively free from gravel, and that the upper four (4) inches thereof shall be of soil suitable for growing vegetation.  The permittee shall keep the surface of said site free from dust at all times during the operations and thereafter.

(2)       All operations shall be conducted only between the hours of eight a.m. and five p.m.  No operations shall be conducted on Sundays or holidays.

(3)       The Village Board may, in any individual case, upon the recommendation of the Village Engineer, waive any and all of the regulations of this section upon an affirmative finding by the Village Board that any or all of the regulations in individual cases are not necessary for the public health, safety or welfare.

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