Village of River Hills
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Chapter 16 Section 9

Section 16.09. INVESTIGATION AND INSPECTION.  Whenever in the judgment of the Village Board, there is a need for investigation of an applicant, the Village Clerk shall notify the Village Police Department, the Health Officer, the Chief of the Fire Department, and the Building Inspector of such application and those officials shall investigate the applicant and inspect the premises for which the license is to be granted, for the purpose of determining whether the applicant and the premises sought to be licensed comply with the regulations, ordinance and laws applicable thereto.  Said officials shall report to the Village Board, in writing, the information derived from such investigations, accompanied by recommendations as to whether a license should be granted or refused.  In determining the suitability of an applicant, consideration shall be given to the moral character and financial responsibility of the applicant, the appropriateness of the location and premises where such licensed business is to be conducted, and generally the applicant’s fitness for the trust to be reposed.