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Chapter 19 Section 17

19.17 SUSPENSION OF A PERMIT OR LICENSE.  Whenever the Department has reasonable grounds to believe there are violations that constitute a health hazard that are serious but not an immediate threat to the public health, or for recurring or repeated violations, a permit may be suspended if the Department serves a written notice of the violations and corrective actions required to the licensee, the agent or employee in charge of the licensed premises that shall specify a reasonable time limit for any corrective action required, indicate an inspection shall be made to certify that reasons for the suspension have been eliminated and that the permit holder may request an appeal hearing by submitting a timely request as specified in Sec. 19.21.

A.  Upon notification of suspension, the permit must be surrendered to the Department until the time or reissuance.

B.  The Department may suspend any permit or license issued under this ordinance upon failure to pay any fees due under this chapter. The Department will notify the permit holder in writing that the permit has been suspended and the reason why. The suspension will continue until payment of all past due fees.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord 529, 07/19/17)