Village of River Hills
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Chapter 19 Section 23


A.  The regulatory authority may seek administrative or judicial remedy to achieve compliance with the provisions of this ordinance if an establishment:

(1)        Fails to have a valid permit to operate;

(2)        Violates any term or condition of a permit as specified within ordinance;

(3)        Allows serious or repeated code violations to remain uncorrected beyond time frames for correction approved, directed, or ordered by the regulatory authority;

(4)        Fails to comply with regulatory authority order issued concerning an employee or conditional employee suspected of having a disease transmissible through food by infected persons;

(5)        Fails to comply with a hold order;

(6)        Fails to comply with an order issued as of a hearing for an administrative remedy;

(7)        Fails to comply with a summary of suspension order issued by the regulatory authority.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord 529, 07/19/17)