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Chapter 19 Section 4

19.04 DEFINITIONS. The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

A.  “Department or local health department” means the North Shore Health Department.

B.  “Duplicate Permit Fee” means a fee for the replacement of the original permit.

C.  “Environmental Health Consortium” means the North Shore Health Department for the purposes for the purposes set forth in section 19.01 above.

D.  “Health Officer” means the Director of North Shore Health Department which is the Health Department for the Village of River Hills.

E.  “Inspection Fee” means a fee charged for inspection services required or a fee charged for inspecting a mobile food establishment or temporary food establishment that has a valid license from another jurisdiction or the Department.

F.  “Late Fee” means a fee for failure to pay established fees by June 30 or the due date if different.

G.  “Licensed Establishment” means an establishment that has a current and valid license that is required under this chapter.

H.  “Permit or License” means the document issued by the Department that authorizes a person to operate an establishment. The words “permit” and “license” as used throughout this chapter shall be interchangeable.

I.  “Pre-Inspection Fee” means a fee paid for an inspection made before issuance of an initial permit or when there is a change of operator.

J.  “Reinspection” means a mandatory inspection to ensure that priority, critical or recurring violations have been corrected, including:

1.  An observed violation of immediate danger to public health (priority or critical) that is not corrected during the inspection;

2.  Six or more priority (critical) violations observed and noted;

3.  Repeat violations noted during two previous inspections (3 consecutive times); or

4.  With consultation from a supervisor, an excessive number of violations that show a lack of managerial control observed during an inspection.

K.  “Re-Inspection Fee” shall mean a fee for the second (2nd) and subsequent reinspections needed to address compliance issues with the statutes and administrative codes.

L.  “Routine inspection” means the annual evaluation of a licensee’s operation of its establishment. (Rep. & Rec. Ord 529, 07/19/17)