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Chapter 30 Section 32 (4) [a]

Section 30.32(4)[a]     Underlayment shall be minimum one-half (“) inch structural-interior type or exterior type plywood or hardboard.  Other materials may be used as underlayment when determined suitable by the Building Inspector; however, particle board may not be used for underlayment except under carpeting.

Table 4 of Building Code entitled “Nailing Schedule” is hereby amended so as to add “Polystyrene sheathing” under the heading “Building Element,” immediately following the entry “Fiber board sheathing” with the “Nailing type” and “Number and Distribution” to be the same as for “Fiber board sheathing.”

Table No. 1 Note.  Cubic contents shall be defined as follows: That volume of building enclosed by the outer surface of the exterior walls from the top of the footing to the roof.