Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 07/17/17

Members present:  Steve Simon (Chairman), Susan Muggli, Chris Meisel, Walt Nielsen, Ray Juehring, and Vic Harding.

1.Approval of minutes from the June 19, 2017 meeting:

Motion by Nielsen/Muggli to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Discussion/action on construction of a metal fence at the Petr residence, 8900 N Upper River Ct.

  1. Homeowners James Petr present
  2. Reasoning for fence is to keep neighbors dogs out of yard
  3. 5 ft tall by 583 ft aluminum picket fence – color black
  4. Enclosing the whole front of the property
  5. 6 ft tall by 18 ft wide steel gate at entrance of driveway

Motion by Juehring/Meisel to approve as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.

3. Discussion/action on construction of an outdoor fireplace and installation of lattice fencing at the Brown residence, 1350 W Dean Rd.

  1. Homeowner Jeffrey Brown & Architect Judith Stark present
  2. 10 ft wide by 15 ft tall
  3. Brick veneer to match existing – color red
  4. Chimney cap style to match that of the house chimney stack
  5. Lattice fence design on plans to be excluded – resubmission of that portion will be done at another date for approval

Motion by Meisel/Juehring to approve construction of fireplace only.  Motion carried unanimously.

4. Discussion/action on replacement of roofing, windows, and dormer siding at the Engelmann residence, 8420 N Pelican Ln.

  1. Homeowner Jason Engelmann & Contractor Jack Ruelle present
  2. Architectural Asphalt Shingles – color Estate Gray
  3. Marvin Ultimate Casement windows with window grills – color pebble grey
  4. Hardi plank 8” exposure smooth siding on dormers – color cashmere

Motion by Muggli/Meisel to approve as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action on construction of kitchen addition, removal of greenhouse, and replacement of garage roof at the cleaver residence, 1280 W Dean Rd. 

  1. Homeowners Christian Cleaver Architect Chris present
  2. 2’ addition to the kitchen/breakfast area to square off the structure
  3. Stonewood Exterior panels on addition – color off white
  4. Removal of skylight and installation of Da Vinci concrete slate roofing – color gray
  5. Brick from initial teardown will be used for installation of new wall
  6. Removal of 12 ft by 12 ft greenhouse
  7. 40 ft by 41 ft second story addition to garage 6 car garage
  8. Stonewood Exterior panels – color off white
  9. CHI recessed combo panel with plain glass on top panel – color almond
  10. Da Vinici concrete slate roofing – color gray
  11. Marvin casement windows with small fixed window at the bottom
  12. Houzz wall lantern fixtures to match existing – color English bronze
  13. Stonewood 8mm panels to surround windows – color grey nebula

Motion by Meisel/Juehring to approve as submitted with the inclusion of a second story addition to the garage as well as contingent on submittal of garage door cut sheets.  Motion carried unanimously.

6. Discussion/action on the construction of an addition and garage at the McGregor residence, 8375 N Range Line Rd.

  1. Homeowner Katherine McGregor and Architect Meg Baniukiewicz present
  2. ?? x ?? addition to the family room and mud room
  3. 45 ft x 26 ft 2 story garage
  4. Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung windows to match existing windows
  5. Reclaimed slate tiles to match existing roofing
  6. Dormers on garage to have standing seam copper roofing to match existing
  7. Cedar shake shingle siding to match existing – color white
  8. Shutters to match existing – color black
  9. Gutters, soffit, fascia, and trim to all match existing
  10. Charleston Collection Carolina Lanterns
  11. Sound View Thermal Sash and Traditional entry doors – color black
  12. Marvin clad French doors – color white
  13. Garage door designs to be submitted at a later date

Motion by Muggli/Harding to approve as submitted excluding the garage door designs.  Motion carried unanimously.

7. Discussion/action on construction of a deck at the Karos residence, 1401 W Brown Deer Rd. (Item tabled at the June meeting due to incomplete packet – elevation drawings, and printed photos – and a solution to the esthetics that an engineer would approve.)

  1. 12 ft x 12 ft pressure treated wood deck
  2. Railing is untreated cedar

Motion by Meisel/Nielsen to approve design and structure suggestions of the Engineer Adam Roder.  Motion carried unanimously.

8. Additional comments from the public: none

 9. Discussion/update on previous projects: none

10. Adjourn: 6:15p.m.