Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Board of Trustees Agenda 10/18/17 Amended

  1. Roll Call
  2. Budget Workshop – 2018 Village Budget
  3. Presentation by North Shore Fire Department Long Range Financial Report: Chief Robert Whitaker and Finance Director Katelynn Schmidt
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. The Agenda
    2. Village board Minutes of July 19, 2017
    3. Voucher List
  5. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  6. Future Agenda Items
  7. Report of Village President
  8. Report of Village Manager
    1. Financial Report for the period ending 9/30/17
    2. Cell Phone Lease Capitalization
  9. Report of the Committee on the Environment Sec 2.40 Primary Environmental Conservancy Dist
  10. Presentation Regarding Health Insurance Renewal Tina Wagner, HUB/Stellarus Benefits
  11. Report of the River Hills Police Department
  12. Report of the North Shore fire Department
  13. Report on the North Shore Library
  14. PPI&I Approval, DPW Sewer Improvements
  15. Resolution No 2017-09 Refunding Stark Taxes
  16. Discussion Regarding Police Dept Promotion
  17. Closed Session Pursuant to Sec 19.85(1)(c) Considering Employment, Promotion, Compensation or Performance Evaluation of any Public Employee Over Which The Governmental Body Had Jurisdiction Related To Agenda Item 16 And Pursuant To Sec 19.85(e) WI Statutes Deliberation Or Negotiating Public Business Whenever Competitive Or Bargaining Reasons Require A Closed Session Related To Agenda Item 8b. And Sec 19.85(g) Conferring With Legal Counsel For Advice Concerning Strategy To Be Adopted By The Body With Respect To Litigation Which It Is Likely To Become Involved Related To Agenda Item 9
  18. Reconvene To Open Session To Take Action On Any Item From Closed Session
  19. Adjournment