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Chapter 30 Information

The following Wisconsin Administrative Codes, their referenced codes and standards, and subsequent revisions are hereby made a part of this document by reference and adopted for enforcement by the Building Inspector, who shall be certified as a...

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Chapter 29 Section 5

Section 29.05 ENFORCEMENT PROVISIONS.  The provisions of this ordinance shall be administered and enforced by the Village Manager.  In addition to or as an alternative to local enforcement, the Village Manager is herby authorized to refer...

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Chapter 29 Section 4

Section 29.04 EXEMPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS A.  Nothing in this ordinance prohibits an owner or agent from requiring that a person who seeks to buy or rent housing supply information concerning family status, and marital, financial and business...

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Chapter 29 Section 3

Section 29.03 PROHIBITED ACTS A.  It shall be a prohibited discriminatory practice for any person to: 1.  Print, publish, circulate, issue, display, post, mail or communicate in any other way any announcement, statement, advertisement...

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Chapter 29 Section 2

Section 29.02 DEFINITIONS A.  HOUSING means any improved property which is used or occupied or intended, arranged or designed to be used or occupied as a home or residence.  “Housing” includes any vacant land that is offered for sale or rent for...

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Chapter 29 Section 1

Section 29.01  DECLARATION OF POLICY.  It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Village of River Hills, pursuant to the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions, and by virtue of its power and authority to protect the public health, safety...

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Chapter 25 Section 5

Section 25.05.  GENERAL PENALTIES. (1) Forfeiture Penalty.  Any person, firm or corporation found guilty of the violation of the provisions of any ordinance of the Village of River Hills, other than nonmoving traffic violations, shall be subject...

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Chapter 25 Section 4

Section 25.04. SEVERABILITY.  The provisions of these ordinances are severable.  If any provision of these ordinances is invalid or if the application of any ordinance to any person or circumstance is invalid, such invalidity shall not affect...

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Chapter 25 Section 3

Section 25.03. ORDINANCES – ADOPTION, POSTING AND PUBLISHING.  All ordinances shall be signed by the President and countersigned by the Clerk of the Village; and copies of all ordinances shall be posted in at least three public places in...

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