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Chapter 25 Section 5

GENERAL PENALTIES. (1) Forfeiture Penalty.  Any person, firm or corporation found guilty of the violation of the provisions of any ordinance of the Village of River Hills, other than nonmoving traffic violations, shall be subject to a forfeiture...

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Chapter 25 Section 4

SEVERABILITY.  The provisions of these ordinances are severable.  If any provision of these ordinances is invalid or if the application of any ordinance to any person or circumstance is invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions...

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Chapter 25 Section 3

ORDINANCES – ADOPTION, POSTING AND PUBLISHING.  All ordinances shall be signed by the President and countersigned by the Clerk of the Village; and copies of all ordinances shall be posted in at least three public places in the Village, and...

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Chapter 25 Section 2

REASONABLE TIME OR NOTICE.  In all cases where any ordinance shall require any act to be done in a reasonable time or reasonable notice to be given, such reasonable time or notice shall be deemed to mean such time only as may be necessary for the...

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Chapter 25 Section 1

CONSTRUCTION.  Every word in any ordinance importing the masculine gender shall extend to and be applied to females as well as males.  Every word importing the singular number only shall extend and be applied to several persons or things as well...

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Chapter 19 Section 26

FEES. (a)  Established; location.  The fees for licenses, inspections, services and activities performed by the Department in carrying out its responsibilities under the article shall be reviewed and approved by the Village Board and shall be on...

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Chapter 19 Section 25

COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT. (a)  If upon inspection, the Department or its designee finds that any licensed or unlicensed establishment is conducted or managed in violation of the ordinances or regulations of the village, law of the state, or...

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Chapter 19 Section 24

VIOLATIONS OF THIS CHAPTER No person shall violate any provisions of this chapter.  The Department or its designee shall enforce any provision of this article, and the enforcement provisions of the statutes or state administrative code sections...

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Chapter 19 Section 23

CONDITIONS WARRANTING REMEDY. (a)  The regulatory authority may seek administrative or judicial remedy to achieve compliance with the provisions of this ordinance if an establishment: a.  Fails to have a valid permit to operate; b.  Violates any...

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Chapter 19 Section 22

RIGHTS OF RECIPIENTS OF ORDERS OR DECISIONS. A recipient of an order or decision may file a petition for judicial review in a court of competent jurisdiction after available administrative appeal remedies are exhausted. (Rep. & Rec. 07/19/17...

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Chapter 19 Section 20

REAPPLICATION OF A REVOKED LICENSE. A person whose license has been revoked may, at any time, make reapplication for a revoked license.  Within 7 days after the receipt of satisfactory application, accompanied by a signed statement by the...

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