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Chapter 9 Section 16

Section 9.16    RESERVATION OF REGULATORY AND POLICE POWERS.  The Village, by the granting of a permit to excavate, obstruct and/or occupy the right-of-way, or by registering a person under this Chapter does not surrender or to any extent lose...

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Chapter 9 Section 15

Section 9.15    SUPPLEMENTARY NOTIFICATION.  If the excavation of the right-of-way begins later or ends sooner than the date given on the permit, Permittee shall notify the Department of the accurate information as soon as this information is...

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Chapter 9 Section 14

Section 9.14    WORK DONE WITHOUT A PERMIT. A.  Emergency Situations.  Each Permittee shall immediately notify the Department by verbal notice on an emergency phone number provided by the Department of any event regarding its facilities that it...

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Chapter 9 Section 13

Section 9.13    REVOCATIONS, SUSPENSIONS, REFUSALS TO ISSUE OR EXTEND PERMITS. A.  Grounds.  The Department may refuse to issue a permit or may revoke, suspend or refuse to extend an existing permit if it finds any of the following grounds...

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Chapter 9 Section 12

Section 9.12    OTHER OBLIGATIONS. A.  Compliance with Other Laws.  Obtaining a permit to excavate and/or occupy the right-of-way does not relieve Permittee of its duty to obtain all other necessary permits, licenses, and authority and to pay all...

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Chapter 9 Section 11

Section 9.11    PROJECT COORDINATION. A.  Coordination of Projects.  It is in the best interests of all persons to attempt to coordinate projects whenever it is reasonably possible.  Therefore, periodic reporting by Permittees of known...

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Chapter 9 Section 10

Section 9.10    RESTORATION SPECIFICATIONS-SODDING. A.  Description.  This shall consist of preparing sod beds, furnishing and laying of live sod on the shoulders, slopes, ditches, or other locations as designated by the Engineer, the...

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Chapter 9 Section 9

Section 9.09    RIGHT-OF-WAY REPAIR. A.  Timing.  The work to be done under the excavation permit, and the repair of the right-of-way as required herein, must be completed within the dates specified in the permit, increased by as many days as...

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Chapter 9 Section 8

Section 9.08    INSPECTION.  All construction work within the public rights-of-way shall be subject to inspection by the Village and certain types of work may have continuous inspection. It shall be the responsibility of the Permittee or his/her...

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Chapter 9 Section 7

Section 9.07    TESTING. A.  Description.  The Village may require Permittee to provide material testing for each phase of the work and at no cost to the Village. The Independent Geotechnical Testing Firm chosen to perform this work for the...

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Chapter 9 Section 6

Section 9.06    CONSTRUCTION DETAILS. A.  General Conditions.   The following general conditions apply to all work done within the public rights-of-way such as utility line installation or repairs performed by any Permittee, contractor, utility...

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Chapter 9 Section 5

Section 9.05    EXCAVATION PERMIT FEE. A.  The Excavation Permit Fee has been determined by the Village to be an amount sufficient to recover the costs incurred by the Village. This fee shall recover administrative and inspection costs incurred...

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