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Chapter 1 Section 6

Section 1.06.  BOARD OF REVIEW. (1) Membership.  Pursuant to Section 70.46 of Wisconsin Statutes, the Board of Review of the Village of River Hills shall consist of five (5) Village resident members.  The Village resident members shall be...

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Chapter 1 Section 5

Section 1.05.  OFFICE OF VILLAGE MANAGER. (1)  Creation of Office; Appointment; Termination.  There is hereby created the office of “Village Manager”.  The said party shall be appointed to said position by the Village President...

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Chapter 1 Section 4

Section 1.04. REMITTANCE OF COUNTY TAXES. (1) Obligation of Village. Pursuant to Section 70.67, Wis. Stats., the Village Treasurer shall not be required to give a bond to the Treasurer of Milwaukee County. The Village board hereby agrees, binds...

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Chapter 1 Section 3

Section 1.03. FINANCIAL PROCEDURE. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 66.044, Wisconsin Statutes of 1983, an alternative system for the approval of financial claims against the Village of River Hills Treasury is hereby provided, to-wit: (1)...

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Chapter 1 Section 2

Section 1.02. BY-LAWS GOVERNING PROCEEDING OF VILLAGE BOARD. (1) The following By-Laws shall govern the proceedings of the Village Board of Trustees, also known as the “Village Board”, to-wit: [a] Roll call. [b] Reading of minutes of...

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Chapter 1 Section 1

Section 1.01. REGULAR AND SPECIAL MEETINGS OF THE VILLAGE BOARD. (1) Place of Meeting.  Meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Village of River Hills shall be held in the Village Hall, or at such other place as may be determined by the Board of...

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Chapter 7 Section 1

SECTION 7.0100 INTRODUCTION 7.0101 AUTHORITY This ordinance is adopted under the authority granted by Section 61.35, 61.351, 62.23(7), 87.30, and 281.31 of the Wisconsin Statutes and amendments thereto. 7.0102 TITLE This chapter shall be known...

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