Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Due to the increased risk of spreading the COVID-19, the Village of River Hills is requesting all individuals who are unable to conduct their business electronically and wish to come to village hall or the police department should wear a mask.

Village Manager

Tammy LaBorde

Deputy Clerk / Treasurer

Stacie Nelson

Department of Public Works Superintendent

Randy Groth


Marty Kuehn

(Please contact Mark directly if you have a question or concern about the current assessment of your property)

Police Department

Chief Milton Mrozak

Municipal Court Clerk

Kellie Minikel

Building Inspection


(Please contact directly if you have a question about codes, requirements, or scheduling of an inspection.  Contact Village Hall if you have a permit fee question)

Village Hall Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 9am until 5pm

Phone:  414-352-8213

Address: 7650 N Pheasant Ln, River Hills, WI 53217

Department of Public Works Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 7am until 3pm

Phone:  414-352-0080

Police Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 8am until 4pm

Phone:  414-247-2302

If you would like to submit a complaint about your local government or about an incident happening in your neighborhood; please fill out the form and email it to the Village Manager. – Complaint Form