Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

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The village has agreed to acquire 53.4 acres of land, known as the Eder farm parcel, located between West Brown Deer Road and West Green Brook Road.  This acquisition will enable the village to plan and direct the future use of this property in the best interest of the community and its residents.

The village of River Hills has developed a Project Plan that would fund the acquisition of the property, plan its use, and complete public improvements to the site for future private investment.  The project would be funded through the creation of a Tax Increment District.

Additional information about this project and Tax Incremental Financing is available below.


Notice of Public Meetings

09/28/20 – Joint Review Board Agenda – this meeting is to form the Joint Review Board

09/29/20 – Plan Commission Agenda – we invite members of the community to participate in a public hearing during this meeting. presentation

10/14/20 – Information Session presentation          recording

10/28/20 – Notice of Joint Review Meeting

10/28/20 – Joint Review Board Agenda

11/9/20 – Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

11/9/20 – Plan Commission Meeting Slideshow

11/9/20 – Plan Commission Meeting Recording

12/7/20 – Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

12/7/20 – Plan Commission Meeting Recording

04/27/21 – Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

04/27/21 – Plan Commission Meeting Recording

07/07/21 – Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

07/07/21 – Plan Commission Meeting Recording

07/21/21 – Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

07/21/21 – Board of Trustees Meeting Amended Agenda

07/21/21 – Board of Trustees Meeting Recording

09/28/21 – Notice of Possible Quorum

10/27/21 – Information Meeting


12/08/21 – Agenda