Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
All meetings will be conducted virtually, so please see the agenda for the link to attend the meeting.   
After the meetings all updated plans and recording will be available below. 
To view the recording click on the meeting link below to direct you to a separate webpage.  All recordings must be downloaded in order to view the entire meeting.  To download, click on the three horizontal dots (…) on the right hand side of the screen.  A list of options will come up, select download and once the file is downloaded then click to open the file on the bottom of your screen.  

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The Plan Commission has nine members including the Village Engineer.  They address issues relating to planning and zoning matters and to make recommendations to the Village Board.


  • J. Stephen Anderson

Village Trustee

  • Willard Walker

Village Engineer

  • Mustafa Emir


  • Bernard Cohen
  • Jeffery Costakos
  • Don Daugherty
  • Alexander Hawley
  • Peter Stanford
  • Michael Weiss

2020 Meetings

Notice of Public Hearing

09/29/20 – Agenda  presentation

09/29/20 – Minutes

10/14/20 – Information Session

Resolution P2020-09  Designating Proposed Boundaries and Approving a Project Plan for Tax Incremental District No. 1, Village of River Hills, Wisconsin

11/09/20 – Agenda

11/09/20 – Meeting slideshow

11/09/20 – Meeting recording

11/09/20 – Minutes

12/07/20 – Agenda

12/07/20 – Minutes

2019 Meetings

03/05/19 – Agenda

03/05/19 – Minutes

08/12/19 – Agenda

08/12/19 – Minutes

09/12/19 – Agenda – Meeting cancelled

09/23/19 – Agenda

09/23/19 – Minutes

10/16/19 – Public Hearing Notice

2014 Meetings

11/10/14 – Agenda

11/10/14 – Minutes