Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
Hours of Work for machinery/loud tools within the village
Monday – Saturday from 8am – 5pm
No Sundays or Holidays
SAFEbuilt (262-346-4577 or

SAFEbuilt inspector office hour

Tuesdays 1-3 pm               Thursdays 10 am-12 pm

The options available for submission of all permit applications is:

Payments for permits can be made by either of the following methods:

  • mail to 7650 N Pheasant Ln, River Hills, WI 53217
  • credit card – scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the “click to pay now” button
  • drop off at village hall during business hour
  • after hours drop off there is a mail slot in the front door of village hall


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(These projects must appear before the Building Board)

  • New House and garage (see ordinance chapters 7,30,31)
  • Detached garages (see ordinance 7.0504A)
  • Additions
  • Sheds and any other accessory buildings (see ordinance 7.0504D)
  • Decks (see ordinance 7.0504A)
  • Pools and outdoor spas (see ordinance 7.0504C)
  • Fences, entry gates and garden walls (see ordinance 7.0804E5b)
  • Dog kennel, gazebos, driveway piers (see ordinance 7.0504A)
  • Tennis Courts (see ordinance 7.0504E)
  • Berms over 4′ in height (see ordinance 7.0805 & 7.0906)
  • Lamp posts & other exterior lighting
  • Exterior remodel (windows, siding, roofing, doors)
  • Chicken Coop (see ordinance 2.13 & 2.17)
  • Solar panels and arrays

Download/Print The Following:

  • Building Permit – All exterior and interior additions or remodels ($95 minimum)  Ordinance Chapter 7,30,31
  • Electrical Permit – All interior and exterior electrical work (minimum fee $75)  Ordinance Chapter 14
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Permit – Heating and incinerator units, air conditioning other than wall units (minimum fee – $80)  Ordinance 7.0504
  • Plumbing Permit (minimum fee – $75)  Ordinance Chapter 13
  • ROW Permit – Working in the Right of Way (no minimum)  Ordinance 9.04 & Chapter 12
  • Sign Permits – Rummage sales, Estate sales, Contractor’s advertising, etc. ($2 per day per sign or $10 minimum) Ordinance 7.06
    • Neighbor permission letter – If you wish to have a sign on your neighbor’s property you must get written permission which must be turned in at the time a sign permit is requested
  • Solicitor’s – Individuals soliciting business or donations ($50 per person + $20 per background check = $70)  Ordinance 2.21
  • Special Privilege Permit – Required to place encroachments in the public “rights of way” ($50.00)  Ordinance 2.36
  • Transient Merchant’s – Individuals selling goods and products ($150 per organization + $25 per person)  Ordinance 2.20
  • Wrecking And Razing – Tear down of existing structure (no minimum)  Ordinance 7.0505

The following permits are available only at the Village Hall:

  • Dog And Cat Licenses – or register online at MADACC

The following permits require approval by the Department of Public Works – 414-352-0080

The following permits are available only at the Police Department – 414-247-2302

Methods of payment for permits

  • At Village Hall – cash, check, or credit card (fee charged for credit cards)
  • In the mail – check
  • Online – credit card (additional fee)