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Assessment information about your property: Tyler Technologies  – Marty Kuehn (800-959-6876)




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Notice to Adjourn and Open Book for 2023

Open Book:    June 12, 2023 at 9:00am until 11:00am (extra days by appointment only)

Board of Review:   Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 8:00am


Notice To All Tax Payers

Real Estate Taxes Are Due And Payable As Follows:

  • Full Payment:
    • Due and payable on or before January 31st
  • Installment Payments:
    • First Installment . . . . . One-half of General Tax and entire amount of all special charges and special assessments due and payable on or before JANUARY 31.  If no payment is received by January 31, the full payment is due and installment payments cannot be made.  Interest and penalty will accrue for the amount outstanding until the full amount is paid.  All delinquent taxes are subject to interest of 1% per month (fraction of a month counts as a whole month) from February 1 until paid, and in addition, may be subject to an additional penalty. (sec. 74.47, Wis. Stats.)
    • Second Installment. . . . . One-quarter of the General Tax is due and payable on or before MARCH 31
    • Final Installment . . . . . Remaining balance is due and payable on or before MAY 31
  • Delinquent Tax Payments:
    • After August 1st all delinquent tax balances are transferred to the Milwaukee County Treasurer for collection.  Payments or inquiries can be sent to:
      • 414-278-4033
      • Milwaukee County Treasurer, 901 N 9th St Room 102, Milwaukee, WI 53233
  • Tax Refund Policy (Effective December 1, 2022)
    • Adopted via Resolution 2022-01, the Village Treasurer will issue property tax refund checks for any and all overpayments of $3.00 or more, but no more than $5,000

Additional Information:

Assessor:  Marty Kuehn, ph: 800-959-6876 Ext. 3 email: [email protected]

Payment By Mail . . . . . Taxes may be paid by mail. Be sure your payment is postmarked on or before the due date. The postmark governs the date of payment – not the date on your check.

Escrow Checks . . . . . If made out to the Village and taxpayer(s), taxpayer(s) must endorse check to Village. We will not endorse escrow checks back to taxpayers. If a refund is due, one will be issued within 30 days. Also, we will not accept postdated checks.

Separate Payments. . . . . If you are making other payments to the Village, such as dog licenses, job orders, false alarms, etc., please issue separate checks.

Office Will Be Closed:
December  25th, 26th, and 29th – 2023
January 1st, 2024

Make Checks Payable To:
Village of River Hills

Mail to or drop off
7650 North Pheasant Lane
River Hills, WI 53217

Forms of payments accepted:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card  (service charge will be applied)

To the Residents of River Hills

Understanding Wisconsin’s Dark Store Problem.

We, in River Hills, should be very concerned about the Dark Store property tax loop holes and court decisions that enable successful large retailers and other businesses to pay property taxes as if their stores were vacant. The result is a significant reduction in their property taxes that is shifted to residential tax payers. Our homes are not assessed as if they were abandoned.  Is there something wrong with this picture?


Several months ago when I first heard mayors and village presidents from Milwaukee County complain about the “Dark Store” tax loophole, I assumed that River Hills with not one square foot of retail business could be not affected.  Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Meijers, and other big box stores are located in other cities where they pay property taxes.  How can this impact my property taxes? WRONG!


Only about 25% of the property tax bill you pay to River Hills is for our village; the rest goes to five other taxing entities: Milwaukee County, Nicolet, Maple Dale-Indian Hill and MATC schools, and the metro sewer system.  All five depend on tax revenue paid by Big Box Retailers to those other taxing entities.  When Walmart pays lower taxes to the Brown Deer, the county’s expenses do not decline, but residential tax payers throughout Milwaukee County (yes, even those in River Hills) must make up the difference.


I asked the County Executive’s office how big is the impact on River Hills residents, but I have not received an estimate.  However, it’s my belief that the amount is significant.  Many of us complain that our property taxes are too high and certainly this is one reason.


The Indiana legislature and Michigan courts have shut the door on dark store tax avoidance strategies.  Senate bills 291 and 292 have been introduced in Madison to do the same thing in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, and mysteriously, those bills were blocked from being voted on.  How strange that legislators who are elected by voters who pay property taxes allow this tax strategy to continue.


As President of River Hills, I want our residents, to know more about the dark store issue and how it impacts our property taxes. I hope they will express their opinion on this issue with friends and particularly with state law makers.  For more about the Dark Store problem go to: