Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Board Of Trustees Meeting Minutes 05/18/16

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 7:00 Pm

1. ROLL CALL : was answered by Village President Bob Brunner; Trustees Bill Walker, Steve Anderson, David Fritz , Peggy Russo, and Kurt Glaisner. Trustee Peter Kingwill arrived at 7:15 p.m. Also present were Chris Lear, Village Manager; Todd Cowie, Police Chief; and Bill Dineen, Village Attorney.

2. THE AGENDA: Motion by Kingwill/Anderson to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

3. VILLAGE BOARD MINUTES OF MARCH 16, 2016: Motion by Anderson/Russo to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

4. VOUCHER LIST: Motion by Anderson/Russo to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

5. REPORT BY VILLAGE PRESIDENT: President Brunner informed the board of the topic discussed at the May 7th ICC meeting – lead water service line presentation. From a village stand point there are no concerns here due to the village not supplying water to the residents.

6. REPORT OF VILLAGE MANAGER/CLERK/TREASURER: Manager Lear asked the board if there were any objection to the set date of July 20, 2016 for the next board meeting. No objections were made.

a. FINANCIAL REPORT FOR 4 MONTHS ENDED APRIL 30, 2016: Accountant Marc DeVries explained as to why the intergovernmental account number was down due to the LGIP bank reconciliation journal entries not being entered in yet for the month of April.

Discussion/Action on hiring a police officer to replace Lindsay Conrad: Sergeant Michael Gaynor explained to the board the processes of acquiring a new police recruit. Sgt Gaynor states they have been accepting applications since May 1st and will cut off the application period as of May 31st. Motion by Anderson/Walker to hire a new police officer when a qualified applicant is found. Motion carried unanimously.

c. FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Manager Lear presents to the board the 2015 annual report given to him at the last North Shore Fire Department Meeting.


8. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: Trustee Russo informs the board she is starting the process to put together a Welcome Packet for new residents. More information will be presented at a further board meeting.

9. DISCUSSION/ACTION ON 2015 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Auditor Pattie Reda of Reilly, Penner, & Benton informed the board of how the 3015 audit went:

There were fewer audit entries this year compared to the 2014 audit
Internal controls will always be an issue due to lack of staff
Updated ‘Fund Policy’ and ‘Unspent Debt Proceeds Policy’ need to be created

Trustee Anderson expresses concern about the wording of sentence “As we approach the 2016 budget, we will be exploring opportunities to enhance revenues and cut expenditures, with the goal of funding capital purchases from current tax revenues.” Page 8, Paragraph 2 of the audit report. Auditor Reda informs the board that this line will be removed on the final draft. Motion by Anderson/Fritz to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

10. DISCUSSION/ACTION ON MMSD SEWER PROPOSAL – ENGINEER MUSTAFA EMIR: Engineer Emir explains to the board the proposal from MMSD to cut off two sewer lines currently going under the Milwaukee River. 8590 & 8550 N Green Bay Ct will be the only two properties affected by this change. New sewer lines servicing these properties will be redirected West across Green Bay Rd to the Brown Deer Sewer. All expenses, time line, and informing of the residents will be done by MMSD. Motion by Walker/Fritz to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

11. APPROVAL OF RESOLUTION NO. 2016-07 AMENDING EXHIBIT C OF THE DOMESTIC ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICES AGREEMENT: Motion by Anderson/Fritz to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

12. APPROVAL OF RESOLUTION NO. 2016-08 COMBINING WARD FOR THE FALL PRIMARY AND GENERAL ELECTION: Motion by Fritz/Walker to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

13. APPROVAL OF REOLUTION NO. 2016-09 THE 2015 COMPLIANCE MAINTENANCE ANNUAL REPORT: Motion by Anderson/Fritz to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

14. DISCUSSION REGARDING “5 REASONS TO MOVE TO RIVER HILLS” BROCHURE: New updated version from the website was presented to the board. Trustee Anderson requests that if any board members have any suggestions they are to e-mail them to him. Trustee Anderson also suggests removal of the coyote picture on the Village website.

15. DISCUSSION/ACTION REGARDING REQUEST FOR A STOP SIGN EAST BOUND ON W. LARKSPUR LN AND N. SPRUCE RD: Manager Lear informs the board of the neighbor survey that was conducted. Main issue was the bushes on the corner that obscured the view of any oncoming traffic. DPW has since trimmed the bushes and no further complaints have been made. Motion by Anderson/Fritz to proceed with no action. Motion carried unanimously.

16. DISCUSSION/ACTION PROCLAMATION FOR 2016 ARBOR DAY AND KURT GLAISNER: Motion by Anderson/Russo to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

17. APPROVAL OF CLASS B BEER AND CLASS B LIQUOR LICENSES FOR THE PERIOD 7/1/16 – 6/30/17 FOR MILWAUKEE COUNTRY CLUB AND BRADLEY FAMILY FOUNDATION, INC./LYNDEN SCULPTURE GARDEN: Trustee Fritz recused himself from voting on the licenses for the Milwaukee Country Club because he is an officer of the club. Motion by Anderson/Glaisner to approve the licenses for both applicants. Motion carried unanimously – only 6 votes counted.

18. DISCUSSION/ACTION ON PROPOSED ORDINANCE NO. 527 REGARDING POSTING OF OFFICIAL NOTICES AND ORDINANCES: Manager Lear informs the board of the new statutory requirements for posting of notices now is only one location and the website instead of three locations. President Brunner suggests we notify residences on the boards of the changes and what the new posting locations will be. Motion by Kingwill/Russo to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

19. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Walker/Russo at 8:42 pm.