Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 03/21/2016

1. Call to Order: by Board Chairman Steve Simon at 5:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call: was answered by Board members Vic Harding, Walt Nielsen, Harvey Meisel, and Susan Muggli.

3. The Agenda: motion by Harding/Muggli to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Minutes of the February 15, 2015 Meeting: Informed of changes to be made by Simon on who was the Chair at the last meeting. Motion by Muggli/Harding to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action on installation of masonry seat wall, fire pit, lighting, and grill station of the Noyes residence, 8216 N Green Bay Rd. Jeff Hershberger & Ann Noyes present to inform board of plans and information about the Board of Appeals hearing. Motion by Harding/Muggli to approve blue stone, elevated gas igniter fire pit, low voltage LED lighting on walkway and in trees, and fire pit station. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Discussion/action on changing of siding at the Sabhatwal residence, 1555 W Spruce Ct. Representative from BF Construction & Shweta Sabhatwal present to discuss plans for new siding. Motion by Harding/Muggli to table project approval for April board due to lack of information, pictures, and what the new windows look like that were not approved by the board.

7. Discussion/action on installation of a 2nd floor deck at the Martinez residence, 9441 N Pheasant Ln. Donna Martinez present to describe what the project entails. Motion by Harding/Muggli to table project until April meeting due to lack of information, pictures of what the balcony would look like on the home, and current pictures of home.

8. Other items not on agenda: Joyce Sandock resident of 9400 N Spruce Rd informed board of her concerns that the concrete driveway and shed on the back of Donna Martinez’s property was in violation of crossing over onto her property. Both residence were informed that a survey should be done and that Village Building Inspector Tom Johnson should be involved in possibly settling this dispute.

9. Adjournment: Motion by Harding/Meisel to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.