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Letter to Residents

To the Residents of River Hills From Steve Anderson, President of River Hills October 17 2018 Understanding Wisconsin’s Dark Store Problem. We, in River Hills, should be very concerned about the Dark Store property tax loop holes and court...

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Chapter 21 Section 5

PENALTIES (Cr. 09/17/14, Ord. #522) A.  Any person, firm or corporation found guilty of the violation of any provision of this Chapter, unless another penalty is therein provided, shall be subject to a forfeiture of not     less than Ten ($10.00)...

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Chapter 21 Section 4

CHILD SAFETY ZONE RESTRICTIONS (Cr. 09/17/14, Ord. #522) A.  “Child Safety Zones” shall include any real property upon which there exists any route, path, area, or facility used for or which supports a use of:  1)         Private or public...

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Chapter 21 Section 3

RESIDENCY RESTRICTIONS (Cr. 09/17/14, Ord. #522) A.  Restriction. An offender shall not establish a permanent or temporary residence within     two thousand (2,000) feet of any of the following: 1)         Private or public schools; 2)        ...

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Chapter 21 Section 2

DEFINITIONS:  (Cr. 09/17/14, Ord. #522) The following terms shall be defined as follows in this chapter and the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular: A.       “Child” means a person under the age of eighteen (18)...

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