Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 05/16/2016

1. Call to Order: by Board Chairman Tony Enea at 5:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call: was answered by Board members Susan Muggli, Walt Nielsen, Chris Meisel, Harvey Meisel, Steve Simon, and Ray Juehring.

3. The Agenda: motion by Muggli/C. Meisel to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Minutes of the April 18, 2016 Meetings: motion by Muggli/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action on installation of balcony at the Martinez residence, 9441 N Pheasant Ln – carryover from March. It was brought to the board’s attention that a window was replaced with a door without the board’s approval. Resident Martinez agrees to pay for the permit and submit information about installation of a light fixture outside the door to make the project up to code. Motion by C. Meisel/ H. Meisel to push submission of the balcony plans over to next month due to the packet being incomplete without the architectural elevation plans. Approval – 4 members, disapproval – 1 member Steve Simon.

6. Discussion/action of installation of a greenhouse/shed at the Daugherty residence, 852 N Heather Ln. Contractor Tom of Turf Tech Elite present. Explained all materials will match the original house – white vinyl siding, heather stone gray shingles, and double hung windows. The board instructs the contractor that if any light fixtures are to be added to the greenhouse exterior they must come back and get approval by the board. Motion by Simon / Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Discussion/action on teardown and reconstruction of garage at the Harmelink residence, 2911 W Bradley Rd. Contractor Jay Bollman of Classic Builders present. There was a misunderstanding as to what was to be approved by the board at the time. Motion by Simon / Muggli to table submittal and it to be held over until next month. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Other items not on the agenda:

• Chairman Enea suggests if there are carryovers from the previous month they should be put at the end of the agenda.
• Chairman Enea brings attention to the installation of entrance walls and possible light fixtures at 8190 N River Rd. This project was approved in Aril 2016 but without installation of light fixtures on the structure. Village Manager Lear and Building Inspector Johnson are to keep the board informed if indeed light fixtures are installed. If so the resident will need to come back to the board for approval.
• Manager Lear, C. Meisel, & H. Meisel inform the board of a possible issue that may come up next month with the installation of light posts without approval at the Daniels residence, 1400 W Spruce Ct.
• Member Muggli brings up the issue of neighbor complaints of the exterior lights at the Pyles residence, 850 W Dean Rd. It was decided that Manager Lear will submit a letter to the resident expressing the neighbors and boards concerns.
• Member H. Meisel suggests the ordinance for lighting be changed from watts to lumens due to LED light bulbs being different than a standard light bulb. Chairman Enea suggests a request be submitted to the Board of Trustees to change the ordinance.

9. Adjournment: Motion by Muggli / H. Meisel. Motion carried unanimou