Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 10/17/2016

Members present: Vic Harding (Chairman), Susan Muggli, Harvey Meisel, Walt Nielsen, Chris Meisel, Ray Juehring

1. Approval of minutes from the September 19, 2016 meeting: motion by Nielsen/Muggli to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Discussion/action of replacement of the roof at the Davidson residence, 7955 N Pheasant Ln:

a. No representative in attendance to present the project.

3. Discussion/action on installation of fence at the Alevizos residence, 1220 W River Ct:

a. Homeowner James Alevizos and A-1 Fence Representative Brent Crubarg present
b. 6’ Estate Plank Cedar fence
c. Area to enclosed entire back yard of property

Motion by C. Meisel/H. Meisel to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Discussion/action on construction of tool shed at the Forrer residence, 9190 N upper River Rd:

a. Homeowner Robert Forrer present
b. 10’ x 14’ tool shed
c. Stucco siding to match existing home
d. Slate roofing to match existing home
e. Jeld Wen double hung windows – color Hartford green

Motion by Nielsen/Juehring to approve subject to homeowner presenting proof that the shed will be within the setback requirements. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action of the exterior renovations at the Lueders Landscape and Supplies Property, 1040 W Green Tree Rd. This is a return from September where homeowners were to bring additional information pertaining to projects not noted in initial application:

a. Property owners present
b. Sierra Pacific double hung windows
c. Exterior colors (Doors – Pacific Blue; First Floor – Granite Gray; Second Floor – Flagstone; Trim – Snow)
d. White Vinyl railing for balcony and front entry
e. White raised panel garage doors with window inserts

Motion by C. Meisel/Muggli to approve exterior renovations. Motion carried unanimously.

a. 45” x 28” stone pillars on each side of each driveway
b. Oil rubbed bronze aluminum light fixtures with glass inserts

Motion by C. Meisel/Juehring to approve landscape plan. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Discussion/action on the installation of a balcony at the Martinez residence, 9441 N pheasant Ln. This is a return from March where the homeowner was to return with information about the light fixtures and elevation drawings:

a. No representative in attendance to present the project.
b. Personal objection by neighbor Joyce Sandock because other issues she is having with the neighbor have not been resolved.

Motion by C. Meisel/Nielsen to disapprove submission due to delays by resident for resubmission. 4 vote’s aye, 2 vote’s nay.

7. Additional comments from the public: resident (unknown) arrived late after approval of the fence at 1220 W River Ct. Concerned about the look of the fence. Board instructs resident to speak personally with neighbor about possible landscaping.

8. Adjourn

a. Motion by C. Meisel/Juehring. Motion carried unani