Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Meeting Minutes 12/19/2016

Members present: Tony Enea (Chairman), Susan Muggli, Walt Nielsen, Steve Simon, Ray Juehring, Harvey Meisel, and Vic Harding. Arriving late C. Meisel (5:05) & Inge Plautz (5:15).

1. Approval of minutes from the November 19, 2016 meeting: motion by Juehring/Muggli to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Discussion/action of a mudroom/laundry addition at the Siegrist residence, 7790 N Pheasant Ln:

a. B & E General Contractor Representative Mark present
b. Construction of 10’6” x 8’6” addition
c. Six panel steel service door on garage
d. Pella craftsman style window on addition
e. All siding, roofing, and trim to match existing.

Motion by Simon/Nielsen to approve submission minus the light fixtures which lacked proper documents. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Discussion/action on the landscape and outdoor lighting plans for the University School of Milwaukee addition, 2100 W Fairy Chasm Rd. Original plans for addition construction were approved at the September 19, 2016 meeting:

a. University School of Milwaukee Representative Greg Bach, Matt, Brent, and Todd present
b. Three 36” LED black Philips-Gardco Bollards
c. Four 24-1/4” x 7-1/4” LED Polished Stainless Steel Visa Lighting Wall Sconces
d. One 16’ Black Aluminum and Clear Acrylic Glass Beacon light pole and fixture

Motion by H. Meisel/Simon to approve as submission minus the light pole fixture. Motion carried unanimously.

e. Green Mountain Sugar Maple, Whitespire Birch, Sterling Silver Linden Shade Trees
f. Scotch Pine Evergreen Trees
g. Shadblow Serviceberry, Princess Diana Serviceberry, Pagoda Dogwood Ornamental Trees
h. Iroquois Beauty Black Chokeberry, Dwarf Brush Honeysuckle, White Dome Hydrangea Deciduous Shrubs
i. Trautman Juniper and Taunton Spreading Yew Evergreen Shrubs
j. Tufted Hair Grass,Feather Reed Grass, Shenandoah Switch Grass, Indiangrass, Tara Dwarf Prairie Dropseed Ornamental Grasses & Sedges
k. All plantings and brick seat wall to match existing

Motion by Simon/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

l. Relocating and adding of dirt from excavation of addition
m. Current location is running along the South and East side of the Southeast parking lot
n. Relocation to run parallel to the North side of Fairy Chasm.
o. Relocation will create an Intramural Practice Field between the parking lot and the berm

Motion by Plautz/Muggli to approve. 7 yes, 1 no, motion passed.

4. Additional Comments from the public: none

5. Adjourn

Motion by C. Meisel/Muggli to adjourn. Motion c