Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 1 Section 4


(1)        Obligation of Village.  Pursuant to Section 70.67, Wis. Stats., the Village Treasurer shall not be required to give a bond to the Treasurer of Milwaukee County.  The Village board hereby agrees, binds and obligates the Village of River Hills to pay to the Treasurer of Milwaukee County, in case the Village Treasurer or successor shall fail so to do, all taxes of any kind required to be paid to the County Treasurer and coming into the Village Treasurer’s hands.

(2)        Extension of Treasurer’s Bond.  The Official Bond, executed by the Village Treasurer to the Village, pursuant to Section 19.01, Wis. Stats., shall extend to and include the liability incurred by the Village of River Hills by virtue of subsection (1) hereof.