Village of River Hills
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Chapter 1 Section 6

Section 1.06.  BOARD OF REVIEW.

(1)       Membership.  Pursuant to Section 70.46 of Wisconsin Statutes, the Board of Review of the Village of River Hills shall consist of five (5) Village resident members.  The Village resident members shall be appointed by the Village President, which appointments shall be confirmed by the Village Board.  In addition, the Village President shall appoint four (4) Village residents as alternate members of the Board of Review in addition to the five (5) members provided for above.  The appointment of alternate members shall be confirmed by the Village Board.  Alternate members shall act with full power only when one or more of the five members of the Board of Review are absent.

(2)        Term.  The Village resident members, including alternate members, shall serve from the time of their appointment until the succeeding first day of May, without compensation.

(3)  Confidentiality of Income and Expense Information.  Whenever the Assessor, in the performance of the Assessor’s duties, requests or obtains income and expense information pursuant to Section 70.47(7)(af), Stats., or any successor statute thereto, then, such income and expense information that is provided to the Assessor shall be held by the Assessor on a confidential basis, except, however, that said information may be revealed to and used by persons: in the discharge of duties imposed by law; in the discharge of duties imposed by office (including, but not limited to, use by the Assessor in performance of official duties of the Assessor’s office and use by the Board of Review in performance of its official duties); or pursuant to order of a court.  Income and expense information provided to the Assessor under Section 70.47(7)(af), Stats., is not subject to the right of inspection and copying under Section 10.35(1), stats., unless a court determines that it is inaccurate.