Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 2 Section 5


(1)        Discharge of firearms.

(a)        Definition.  Firearms are hereby defined to mean and include all weapons for the purpose of propelling bullets, shot or other missiles, whether from cartridge, shell or other container, by explosive or other power, and including without limitation because of specific enumeration, all forms of rifles, high-powered air rifles, revolvers, pistols, pellet guns, automatic and semi-automatic machine guns, or other similar types of equipment whereby bullets, shot or missiles are propelled through the air by discharge of explosives, caps or other power.

(b)        Prohibited.  No person shall discharge any firearms, as herein defined, within the Village of River Hills.

(c)        Exceptions.  This ordinance shall not be construed to prohibit

(1)       an officer of the law from discharging a firearm in the performance of his duty;

(2)       any person from discharging a firearm when pursuant to s. 66.0409(3)(b) Wis. Stats. or any future amendments thereof, their conduct is lawfully justified or, had it been subject to a criminal penalty, would have been subject to a defense described in s. 939.45 Wis. stats.; or

(3)       to the use of a bow and arrow solely in connection with the sport of archery and conducted on private property, or on the property of an established school as a part of a regular educational program in which such use of bows and arrows shall be so controlled that the arrow propelled shall not pass over or upon the premises of another or over or upon the public highways or grounds; or

(4)       the discharge of firearms (including a bow and arrow) by any person or persons authorized to do so by specific action of the Village Board for the specific purpose or purposes directed by the Village Board and subject to any limitations, conditions, or restrictions imposed by the Village Board; or

(5)       any person hunting with a bow and arrow or a crossbow provided that:

(i)        the person has all required hunting licenses or permits; and

(ii)        there shall be no  hunting on any land or water without the owner’s permission; and

(iii)      there shall be no hunting within 100 yards of a building used for human occupancy located on another person’s land unless the owner of that land specifically allows the person to hunt within a 100 yards or some other specified distance less than 100 yards; and

(iv)      no person may hunt with a bow and arrow or crossbow unless the person discharges the arrow or bolt from the respective weapon towards the ground or water.  (Amd. Ord # 521, 07/16/14)

(2)        Dangerous Weapons are prohibited in certain buildings.

(a)        No person other than a law enforcement officer may carry or possess a firearm or dangerous weapon (defined in Section 2.015 (2) of this code) in any building that is owned, occupied or controlled by the Village of River Hills or that is jointly owned,      occupied or controlled by the Village of River Hills with any other governmental       entity including but not limited to the Village Hall and Police Station, Department of Public Works building, and any and all other such municipal buildings whether now in existence or later constructed subject to the following:

(1)        The building is posted with signs meeting the requirements of s. 943.13, Wis. stats.

(2)        Any person who violates this section of the Village Code shall upon conviction thereof be subject to the penalties set forth in Section 2.15 of Chapter Two (2) of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills, except that any person that has a permit to carry a concealed weapon who violates this section of the Code by carrying a concealed weapon shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to a maximum forfeiture of $500.00.

(b)        The Village Manager is authorized and directed to have the proper signage required by s.943.13, Wis. stats. posted in prominent places near public entrances of all municipal buildings where firearms and dangerous weapons are restricted. Ordinance No. 515 Adopted 10/19/2012