Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 2 Section 10


(1)        Consent Required Affecting Trees or Shrubs on Public Streets.  No person shall cut down, trim or in any other manner deal with any tree or shrub in and along the public streets and highways of the Village, without first obtaining consent therefor in writing from the Village Manager, which said consent shall specify the particular location of the tree or trees, or shrubs to be affected and the manner in which they are to be treated.

(2)        Any person found guilty of the violation of any provision of this section shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than Ten ($10.00) Dollars nor more than Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars, and the costs of the action; and in default of payment thereof, shall be subject to imprisonment in the County Jail or the House of Correction of Milwaukee County until such forfeiture and costs, together with any subsequent costs, have been paid, but in any event not to exceed thirty (30) days.